Please note that Part 2 of Patch 4.15 - Deeds of Cruelty will add more content to the Halloween Event.

Event Period

  • From October 23rd, 2019 to November 18th, 2019 at 08:59 (CEST)

Event Requirements

  • Have a capped level 80 character on the server!

Summary & Goals

  • This event is a simple collect-and-redeem, lasting until the event conclusion date above.
  • One goal is to collect [Fleshy Substance], which can be obtained by clearing Volcano, Kairon, and Third Core Nests, or by completing our upcoming event instance which will be introduced in Part 2 of Patch 4.15.
  • The next goal is to queue up for Nightmare Anubis using the new Party Finder system, clear it to collect Halloween Coin and Silver Coins, then trade them at Seasonal Assistant Kathy and Gunther, respectively.

View our Patch 4.16 Notes on additional details regarding Party Finder by clicking the link here.

Event Exchange Shop Options

  • By speaking to [Irine] in Saint's Haven, you can exchange your [Fleshy Substance] for a bunch of various goodies, including a limited time Dark Fire costume set!
  • By speaking to [Seasonal Assistant Kathy] in Saint's Haven, you can exchange your Halloween Coin for additional items such as titles, talisman essences, Fleshy Substance, and even more mounts for the remainder of the event period!