Welcome back, Patch 4.15 features more class rebalances, our 2019 Halloween Event, a massive network revamp, several bug fixes, and much more! To keep up with all the latest details, make sure you frequently check out this site and visit our Discord Server!

Patch Notes may be updated at a later time to reflect things we've previously missed in our first iteration.

2019 Halloween Event

Our seasonal event has started this year! You can check it out by clicking this text here.

New Seasonal Costume

This year we're featuring the Rajuul set, which was released on official servers in 2015. The method of acquiring costumes will be different this time around. Here are the steps you must follow:

  1. Open the XC Shop and you should automatically be at the Featured tab.
  2. Purchase the costume box for the listed price and head out from the shop.
  3. Open the box and you will acquire 5 items, which can be exchanged at Irine.

Network Rework

With Patch 4.15 comes a massive revamp for Infinity Nest's network infrastructure. As such, you should expect frequent soft disconnections, and possible server crashes. It is essential that we hold a public test for such a rework as it's near impossible for our staff (which consists of a few people) to fully test it. In this kind of test, we actually want the servers to crash, so that we can properly identify and fix the root cause.

We've stripped the original code that Dragon Nest uses and we're trying our own code out, which should have noticably different effects. All users should notice a general performance improvement.

This is a short summary of some major changes you'll notice in-game:

  1. Lagging out or disconnecting while in-game won't instantly bring up the "Disconnected from the world." message anymore, the server now checks and allows you to seamlessly reconnect with a time limit of 30 seconds after you've disconnected. After the timeout period has passed, the "disconnected from the world" will pop up.
  2. Force disconnecting from the game no longer makes your character disappear immediately from the world, meaning using it to skip mechanics will no longer work as your character will most likely die while you're disconnected.
  3. If you disconnect in a non-graceful way (force d/c), you will remain locked out of the account for the 30 second timeout limit set on our servers.
  4. Certain actions such as creating a pvp room while in town will be executed much faster.


  • It is now possible to walk through a Priest's relics while they are active.
  • Day and night time cycles are now shared during the Halloween Event.
  • English translation adjustments.
  • The Seasonal Halloween Event has commenced.
  • A 50% XC Rebate Event has commenced.
  • New costumes were added to the game.
  • Seasonal items were added to the Infinity Box.
  • A Mamatop Shop NPC has been added (based off the Lunaria model), she is located to the left of the Garden Portal in Saint's Haven.
  • PvP stats have been rebalanced for several classes. (Note that this is a WIP)
  • The dialogue options of Irine has been adjusted to reflect the Seasonal Event.
  • As an incentive to complete VTN (Volcano Trial Nest), the drop rate has increased by a hefty amount.
  • In order to welcome our next end-game gear set, we prepared skill jades first that you can farm in VTN.
  • Rosalinde now has a new shop for VTN exchanges.

Skill Rebalancing

Dark Avenger

  • Shadow Pact has been turned into a party buff.
  • The damage of practically every single transformed skill has been increased.
  • The cooldown on the transformation has been reduced to 25s.


  • The cooldown of Immortality has been reduced to 90s.


  • Ice Palm damage increased.
  • Icicle Expression damage increased.
  • Poison Pop damage increased.


  • Good Vibrations CD has been decreased to 35s and heals 35% HP.
  • Good Vibrations EX has been revamped.
  • Good Vibrations EX now grants 25% elemental damage for you and the entire party for 15s.
  • Poison Break EX damage increased.
  • Toxic Twirl EX damage increased.
  • Lovesick damage increased.
  • Injection EX damage increased.


  • Ground Zero EX damage increased.
  • Magma Wall EX damage increased.
  • Ice Punch and Magma Punch EX damage increased.
  • Ice Beam EX damage increased.
  • Cocktail Bomb damage increased.


  • The Quackums damage increased.

Gear Master

  • All mechanic mode tower skills have received a damage increase.
  • Mecha Bomber EX damage increased.
  • Quackum summon related EXs have received a damage increase.

Soul Eater

  • Ghost Gate EX damage increased.
  • Spectre of Torment EX damage increased.
  • Spirit Snake EX damage increased.
  • Spirit Wolf EX damage increased.

Dark Summoner

  • Phantom Rage now grants 4 bubbles upon cast.
  • The bubble rate has been changed from 35% to 100%.
  • Phantom Claw EX damage increased.
  • Chaos EX damage increased.
  • Chain Claw EX damage increased.
  • Hands of Vengeance EX damage increased.
  • Phantom Claw EX Advent damage increased.

Light Bringer

  • Miraculous Chakra's current effect has been removed and replaced.
  • Miraculous Chakra has had the 3.0 iteration restored (from level 70 cap.)
  • Energetic Chakra EX now heals for 45% HP.

Abyss Walker

  • Darkness Incarnate's buff has been increased to 35%.
  • Dark Line EX now has 2 extra hits attached to the EX, making it act like the 70 version. Also a damage tweak.
  • Illusion Strike EX damage increase.
  • Nether Burst EX damage increase.


  • Mortal Blow damage increased.


  • Barrage EX damage increase.
  • Izuna Drop EX damage increase.
  • Pursuer EX damage increase.

Resolved Issuess

  • Fixed several issues with the Physician class, we recommend checking out the new skill descriptions in-game and see for yourself, as there are too many adjustments to list out here.
  • VTN (Volcano Trial Nest) can now be progressed through properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Lencea's Starter Pack where you did not receive the bracelet weapon.
  • Fixed a glowing projectile issue when learning Gladiator's 65 Passive: Hype Train.
  • Fixed an issue with textures appearing seriously messed up in Saint's Haven if you happened to be playing on Low Quality.

Known Issues

  • The mouse cursor does not disappear properly, for now you will have to toggle it off manually.

Dark Avenger

  • Using Aerial Blade while in the Dark Avenger state will permanently halve your damage until you change maps/instances.

Network Connectivity

  • Due to the new way our client handles packets, action speed crests will not correctly speed up the skill under higher latency environments. The action speed will be delayed depending on how high your ping is, and possibly affect a different skill than intended.
  • For the first day or two, the servers will be more prone to crashes due to the nature of such a major networking rework.
  • Clicking the OK button on the "Disconnected from the world." message will bring you back to the login screen, but will cause you to get soft locked and a client restart is required.
  • Searching for any items on the Auction House does not work.
  • Typing in guild chat will make the text appear messed up.
  • The news section of the login screen does not display any text.

Developers' Notes

Some of you may be wondering things like why is Physician's healing so bad compared to LF, or why is Saint's healing so good but their party buffs so lacking compared to LF and Physician. This is because we are setting up Saint to be the main healer on IDN. Physician and LF will be taking the roles of secondary healers, however they still can solo heal all normal content. We have designed healers this way for future custom content, where Saint will be highly vital to success, or an extremely skilled duo of Physician/Light Fury.

PVE Balancing Thoughts

Here at IDN, we vastly prefer to buff other classes instead of outright nerfing everyone to feel as miserable as the lowest DPS class. As such, we tend to buff classes that are represented the most, as those are the classes we have the best metrics on. We also consider what role a class is before we change it that much, such as Guardian being a tank, Saint being a support, or something like Barbarian being a DPS. Hence why some of you may feel ignored about classes in certain roles, but we cannot buff everything all the time, or we'll just introduce a major power scaling issue, we don't want a Guardian (tank) doing as much DPS as a Gladiator (DPS).

All of that being said, we cannot adjust classes without feedback, so please leave your thoughts in a well articulated format in #class-discussions so we can easily understand what you want. But do please understand that there is a possibility we may not agree with your ideas.

Nest Revisions

We're aware now that ECJs have been nerfed, that there is a fairly decent discrepancy in elemental classes and non-elemental. That being said, every level 80 nest (yes, every single one) now has elemental resistance for every single element. Some bosses will have more elemental resistance to said element if they specialize in it, like Cerberus in Third Core having more Fire/Ice resistance than Manticore would.