The Blacksmith/Obtainable Items

  • Max enchant levels have been increased for Cursed weapons. You can't actually enhance to them yet. It's there as a preview for now.
  • U Dragon Jades now have a 100% enhance success rate. No jellies are required anymore either.
  • Lowered gold costs for enhancing FDN Armour, Cursed weapon, Frost accessory.
  • Decreased FDN shards needed for FDN armour.
  • Increased the amount of FDN shards received from boxes.
  • FDN Armour Shard Box can now be traded and placed in the Server Storage.

Playable Content: Death God's Domain

  • Lowered HP of Osiris slightly.
  • More labyrinth levels are now available. CR tooltips were also updated at the portal entry details.
  • Increased the amount of gold which drops in DGD.
If you happen to come across any items/storefronts you're not supposed to access, please let us know on Discord.

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as following:

Vena Plaga

[Osmatic Thorns]

  • You can't walk out of the animation anymore. Animation cancel still works as before.


[Arrow Sword]

  • Damage output increased.

[Ripple Effect]

  • Damage output increased.

[Pale Burst]

  • Damage output increased.

[Class Mastery]

  • Cooldown decreases from Main skill 2 sec → 4 sec.

[Air Burst]

  • Damage output increased.

[(Awakened) Harmattan]

  • Damage output increased.

[Phase Blade]

  • [Aircraft] now also grants x1 [Quark] bubble.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:


  • An issue with [Rapid Slash] not dealing the right amount of damage on one of the slashes.


  • An issue wherein Ring engraving empty scroll pouches were returning an item error.
  • An issue where Rare engraving scrolls were being obtained from pouches.
  • The disassembler now works again.