Draconic Accessories


Draconic Accessories are Divine grade items that shall require a very hefty grind. These are a bit of a taste of what's to come post RDN HC when we get to Draconic raids.

These items have incredibly high stats and are capped at +5 for now, and will have more enhancement levels later.

The Draconic accessories have a 100% enhance rate. However, acquiring all the items required will prove to be a hefty grind.

These will be best in slot for all classes for the foreseeable future.


Draconic Fragments drop from relevant Lv.80 content such as VN, KN, VTN, TCN, RDN, Memo, and Mino EX. The only exception is that it will not drop in Dragon Expeditions.

They also have a super rare chance to drop from Infinity Boxes starting from this patch onward. However, the quantity obtained with this method is very low.

These are used to trade with Rajuul (at the centre of Saint's Haven) for Draconic Accessories. Below are the exchange rates:

Item Name Required Exchange Items
Draconic Necklace x500 Draconic Fragments
Draconic Earrings x500 Draconic Fragments
Draconic Ring x500 Draconic Fragments

Playable Content

Volcano Nest

  • It's now possible to enter Volcano Nest alone.
  • The weekly clear limitation has been increased to x20.
  • The drop tables have been completely reworked to the following below:
Item Name Amount Per Player
Althea Statue x2
Exquisite Diamond x30
Exquisite Altheum x30
Exquisite Onyx x250
Superb Altheum x30
Superb Diamond x30
Otherworldly Fragment x10
Lv.80 Plate Pouch x15
Eternal Orb x25
Infinity Voucher x10
Intense Talisman Piece x25
Intense Talisman Essence x5
Goddess Teardrop x4
Draconic Fragment x2

* All loot will be bound to each player. Rolling on loot is not required.

All Relevant Lv.80 Content

Draconic Frags will also drop in every single content:

Item Name Amount Per Player
Draconic Fragment Varies by Content

* This item will be bound to each player.

Dragon Expeditions

  • The weekly clear limitation has been reduced to x5.
  • Coin drops per clear has been increased to x2.

Ummanba's Revenge

  • The fixed drop [Ummanba's Armour Pauldron] has been increased to x2 per clear.

General Adjustments


  • It is now possible to insert Ancient Necklaces into the Server Storage.
  • The max stack count of several items have been adjusted:
Item Name New Stack Limit
Eternal Orb x9,999
Exquisite Diamond x9,999
Exquisite Altheum x9,999
Exquisite Onyx x9,999

Infinity Boxes

  • Added Draconic Fragments with a low chance to drop.

Sarasa NPC Shop

  • The cost of Ancient Necklaces has been reduced to x10 Expedition Medallions.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:

Ice Witch

Skill Name Adjustment
Frost Chaos The additional damage debuff has increased from 250,000 -> 1,000,000.

Dark Avenger

Skill Name Adjustment
(Nightmare) Dark Stinger The overall damage has been increased.
(Nightmare) Vengeance Storm The overall damage has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Detonate EX The overall damage has been increased.