Hi everyone, while we work towards the release of Red Dragon Nest: Hardcore and other upcoming content, we're aiming to fill the time gaps with intermittent patches.

Client Addons

  • A new Addon has been added, which when enabled will adjust the music of Saint's Haven to Day of Destiny.

Client addons can be toggled via our Launcher Options menu.

Playable Content

Volcano Nest

  • The Phoenix can now be provoked.

Item and Shop Adjustment

  • Garnets can now be stacked up to 9,999.
  • Black Dragon Wraths can now be traded.

Rajuul's Shop

  • Red Dragon Nest entrance pass price has been decreased from x3 -> x1.

General Stuff

  • A randomise button has been added the appearance selection when creating a character.
  • General UI-String updates.
  • Performance tweaks and other security hotfixes.
  • Several quest markers have been implemented.
  • Partial implementation of the Beginner Guide.
  • x50 and x100 Draconic Fragments no longer drops from opening Infinity Boxes, while the chances of obtaining x25 Draconic Fragments have been decreased significantly.
  • The Training Battleground has been restored to that of official servers.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
Battle Rush The buff duration has been increased from 10.5s -> 20.5s.
Enhanced Circle Swing EX The damage has been increased.
Whirlwind EX Can now input other skills sooner after casting.
The damage has been increased.
The cooldown has been decreased from 20s -> 15s.
Circle Swing EX The cooldown has been decreased from 18s -> 10s.
Demolition Fist EX Extra input added after the first left click to do it again.


Skill Name Adjustment
Coup De Grace The bonus damage effect has been reduced from 7% -> 6%.

Dark Avenger

Skill Name Adjustment
Dark Avenger (Transformation) The cooldown has been reduced from 25s -> 5s.

Ice Witch

Skill Name Adjustment
Frost Chaos The bonus damage effect has been increased from 1,000,000 -> 2,000,000.


Skill Name Adjustment
Fade Now increases damage by +30% for 15s.
Overkill Now applies an invincible effect while casting.
Conflagration This is a new Ultimate skill, replacing Ripper's old variant.


Skill Name Adjustment
Werewolf Ability A new effect has been added to the 65 passive.

Upon using Conflagration, your Action Speed increases by +30%, and Damage increases by +20% for 15 seconds. This stacks with the damage buff from Fade as well.


Skill Name Adjustment
Rake EX An iFrame has been added to the right-click input, lasting 20 frames.
The cooldown has decreased by 2s.
Open Edge EX The damage has been increased.
Iron Applause EX The damage has been increased.
Chain Punisher EX The damage has been increased.
Dead Fall The damage has been increased.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue with Pania's Shop where a Kali weapon was missing from the listing.
  • Fixed several sound overlapping issues in Saint's Haven.
  • Fixed an issue with OB selection where you could change the difficulty by scrolling your mouse wheel, even if you don't have that specific difficulty unlocked yet.

Several other issues have been addressed.

Known Issues

  • There are unobtainable achievements shown when logged in.
  • Sometimes the mailbox will not display the mail content correctly.