Playable Content

Cerberus Nest (Lv.80) Adjustment

  • The superarmour values of all Boss mobs have been increased.

Saint's Haven Rework (2nd Run)

  • Saint's Haven has been reworked once again, this time making it more compact and easier to navigate. There won't be much info revealed here, we hope you'll enjoy seeing the new town in-game!


  • The contents of Infinity Boxes have been updated.
  • New Hero Awakened Pania weapons have been added. The item required to exchange is named [Awakening Fragment], which are obtained by opening Infinity Boxes.
  • UIString updates.
  • Golden Goose has been disabled server-wide.
  • Many more backend changes and some new implementations.
  • All enhancements (except Draconic accessories) gold cost has been reduced by -25%.

With so many backend changes leading up the deprecation of NPC favour + faction points and the implementation of the universal Points system from official server, we've also decided it's best to have direct control over enhancement costs, item selling prices, etc. This will be one of the direct contributions to combating gold inflation on the server.

Golden Goose is no longer available for purchase from any NPC, and any existing Golden Goose benefits will last until the expiry date.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Physician's ultimate has been completely changed in order to fill a gap in her kit in the form of a Damage Reduction ability.

Upon use, all damage received is reduced by -20% for all party members for 20s. For 10s, you will receive a heal every time you are hit that scales up to 100% of the Physician's Magical Damage. (Like Holy Shield from T4 Saint)

The debuff removal effect from Good Vibrations has been deprecated. The debuff removal effect has been transferred to a new skill called "Antidote" (Different anim/effects from the T5 ver of the same name.)


Skill Name Adjustment
Fatal Guided Missiles The overall damage has been increased.
Frag Arrow EX The overall damage has been increased.
Swift Shot EX The overall damage has been increased.
Guided Missiles EX The overall damage has been increased.
Detonating Arrow EX The overall damage has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Piercing Spike The second cooldown charge has been removed.
Twirling Trance The cooldown has been reduced to 13 seconds.


Skill Name Adjustment
Spear of Light EX The cooldown has been reduced to 12 seconds.
Vengeance from Above EX The cooldown has been reduced to 15 seconds.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed an issue wherein not selecting a valid character while in the character creation menu would allow you to create a Plaga.
  • Attempted fix on random crashes during party content (applies only to SEA)
  • Fixed an issue with stage selection UI wherein the tooltip was being rendered over the selection box.