Hello everyone,

We proudly present the patch notes for Patch 4.5, the release of Machina and our Sizzling Summer event!

This patch also brings several class rebalances and a brand new attendance event.

* Additional features will be implemented in future updates.
Our solo challenge content will be released in Patch 4.51.
The exchange shops for Iridescence Panias and Infinity Stamps will be released in Patch 4.52.
New costumes will be available once we get to reworking the XC Shop.

New Playable Character


After a super long wait, Machina is finally here!

She's received the same treatment as Knightess, where she can choose between a Tank or Support skill tree as Defensio.

For most of Ruina, we've done a lot of fine tuning to allow a much smoother gameplay and flow, utilizing lots of left and right mouse click inputs to chain various skills together.

Each build has their own custom skills!

2020 Sizzling Summer Event

The sizzling sun and distant boom of fireworks can only mean one thing: the Sizzling Summer event is here!

Event Period

  • From August 4 at 09:00 to September 4 at 00:00 (UTC+2)

Event Details

  • All mobs and bosses killed in any instance will have a chance to drop 'Ordinary Summer Ticket' and 'Special Summer Ticket'.
  • Collect enough 'Ordinary Summer Tickets' and 'Special Summer Tickets' then head over to the Irine NPC at Saint's Haven and exchange them for some special rewards!
  • Challenge your RNG with the Matryoshka Box! As the name implies, it has boxes inside the box. Try your luck and open them, good things are waiting inside!

Attendance Event

The Sizzling Summer event features freebies all month long! You can "check in" by logging into the server at least once a day to maintain your progression.

Unlike the official servers, if you miss a day, your login streak will not reset to the first day. Our system is cumulative and will add a new day each time.

The Infinity Stamp and Iridescence Pania Weapon coupons will have their respective exchange shop added soon!

Double Nest Resets

  • In addition, we're having double nest resets all month long! The 2nd nest reset happens on Wednesdays at 09:00 server time.

Bonus XC Sale

In celebration of the release of Machina, we'll be having another XC sale!
Purchasing XC during the event period below will grant you +45% bonus XC.

[Event Period]
From August 4, 2020 at 09:00 until August 15, 2020 at 23:59 (UTC+2)

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
Ice Cold Field Damage has been decreased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Pursuer The cooldown has been reduced from 20s -> 15s.
Blade Runner EX The debuff duration has been increased from 10s -> 15s.
Werewolf Ability The buff duration has been increased from 15s -> 30s.


Skill Name Adjustment
For Glory The cooldown time has been doubled.


Skill Name Adjustment
Extreme Twister Damage has been increased.
Momentary Phantasm Damage has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Lightning's Blessing No longer resets the Ultimate cooldown.
A new effect has been added in its place.
Now locked to the Duelist tree.
Phantasm Blade Parry and Non-Parry Dash Damage has been increased.
Azure Storm Damage has been increased.
Severing Fang Damage has been increased.
Lightning's Requiem Damage has been increased.
Lightning Rod Damage has been increased.
Rolling Thunder Damage has been increased.
Lightning's Riposte New animation upon successful parry.
Damage has been increased.
Now locked to the Duelist tree.

Lightning's Blessing now increases your damage & action speed as well as decreasing your cooldowns for a set duration.


Skill Name Adjustment
Gallant Barrage You are now invincible during cast.


  • The Machina class has been added to the list of available characters to create.
  • Dark Avenger no longer appears on the character creation list. Since our server has no class change penalties, you can simply create a Warrior job, then advance to an Avenger.
  • The following items have been added to the Infinity Box: Perfect Pure Metallic Wing/Tail/Decal (L-Grade)
  • General Sizzling Summer event items have been added.

Item Adjustments

Light Elemental Conversion Jade

  • The penalty has been lessened. Quality grade: -40%, while Normal grade is now: -45%.

NPC Shop Adjustment

DWC Arena Shopkeeper

  • Various Machina, Patrona, Defensio, and Ruina skill plates have been added to his storefront.


  • Machina weapons are now available at Pania.

Known Issues

  • Machina's tail has gone missing, can you help us find it?
  • When equipping the Comet Ranchea helmet on Machina, her ears disappear.
  • Using the Power Ranger gesture on Machina will cause you to get stuck, the only resolution is to relog the character.