New Playable Class

Vena Plaga

Vena Plaga was released a while back, but unfortunately due to the amount of issues with the class, we had to disable her.
Now, the wait is over and we are re-releasing Vena Plaga! Bugs have been addressed and her gameplay is also tweaked with the classic InfinityNest flavours.

She can be created through the Character Creation menu, or by simply using a Job Change scroll on any Lencea specialisation.

New Playable Content

A Tiger's Pride

It's finally time for a boss rotation of our Solo Challenge content.
Both the stage and boss have been swapped out for something new.

A new item [Essence of Pride] will drop, while the previous currency can no longer be exchanged for items in the shop. But...

You may exchange x6 [Essence of the Storm] at Rajuul for x1 [Essence of Pride].

A new player title has been added: [A Tiger's Pride].

The boss health pool and damage have been updated to provide a challenge to players who are wearing RDN-L gear sets.
Do you have what it takes to defeat Black Tiger, Largo?

I.C Shop Update

Chef/Waiter/Waitress Set

These new costume sets have been released, priced at their usual points.

Available in three total flavours, please check em out in-game!

Unfortunately, we could not find any photos of this set in the official server patch notes, so they won't be available here either.

Musician Set (Machina/Vandar)

Since these two classes have missed out, we've released the Musician Set for Machina and Vandar!
You can purchase them individually, or in a package (for a small discount) in the I.C Shop.

Infinity Box

We've released three new accessories: Gold Dragon's Flame Necklace, Earrings, and Ring.
These accessories provide much better base stats, as well as a better set bonus.
In many ways, this is a direct upgrade from the Silver Dragon's Butterfly set.

Please note that the new Gold Dragon's Flame accessories are exclusive to the Infinity Box, and will not drop in other boxes such as the Community Box (CC) or the Infinity Nest Spring Box.

Infinity Nest Spring Box

Our first seasonal gacha box is released!
With Spring coming up soon (for us in the appropriate climate and northern hemisphere), there's no better time than now for something new.

With a separate item pool, you could obtain rare seasonal items such as the Azalea Tinted or the Blessed Night Fairy accessory sets.

The rarest item which can drop is an L-Grade Necklace called [Cheerful Frog Necklace], which when equipped, will change the chat border of your character.

Another reminder that the Spring Box does NOT share the same item pool as Infinity Box. It's entirely separate.

General Adjustments

Playable Content

  • The amount of Pauldrons dropped from clearing Ummanba's Revenge (Solo) has been increased from 3 -> 9. Additionally, it now drops Diamonds.
  • In A Captain's Final Stand, the anti-heal debuff has been removed.

Obtainable Items

  • Icy Dust can now be placed in the Server Storage.

I.C Shop

  • Community Box (CC) has been moved from the Gacha tab into it's own respective tab called "Community".


  • English localisation updates.
  • Client asset preparations for the new Encore difficulty.
  • World Weekly Tasks reward has been updated to reflect the release of A Tiger's Pride.
  • Third Core Nest weekly loot limit has been increased to 5x per week.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


Skill Name Adjustment
Volcano This is a brand new Active skill which has been added.


Skill Name Adjustment
Rampant Rage This is a brand new Active skill which has been added.

Arch Heretic

Skill Name Adjustment
General Skills The overall damage output of the class has been increased.
Land Corruption Skill has been renamed to Corruption.
Skill effects have been changed.