One more Spinoff Character arrives in Infinity Nest in this patch along with the Artillery Remake!

We've been working very hard to get all the currently available classes release for the server on this level cap.

New Playable Class

Oracle Elder

The new job spinoff advancement for Kali: Oracle and Oracle Elder are now available!

You can use a Class Change scroll to switch over to the desired spec, or if you've created a new Kali, simply utilise the Job Changer NPC to complete your advancements.

Alternatively, you can now also create an Oracle Elder directly from the Character Screen.

Another reminder that all classes here on Infinity Nest are uniquely tailored to the server, and gameplay is tweaked accordingly. Classes will not perform like in the official servers.

The new Oracle Elder is Element Neutral. This means naturally, she will not deal any Elemental Damage. You must use an Elemental Conversion Jade to alter your element.

I.C Shop Update

Dark Fire Set

We know you guys haven't seen this costume set for a long while, but now they're finally back in the I.C Shop!
Priced at the usual points, grab your set today!

Available in two more colour variants

Irine Costume Set

Been a good while since Irine Transformations have been released.
You may have been wondering if the rest of the cosmetics would arrive.
Well, now they're available in the I.C Shop! Now you can follow in the footsteps of your favourite events planner Irine!
You may purchase each individual piece at their usual price points, or, you can purchase a full Package for a generous 15% discount.

Available in one more colour variant

+30% I.C Event

We have decided to run an extra +30% on all I.C Purchases from today until April 10th, 2021!

All purchases made during the event period above will be added to your account with an extra +30% of Infinity Cash!

Make sure to not miss this amazing opportunity.

General Adjustments

Playable Content

  • The weekly loot limitations in Granom Nest has been cut in half.
  • All Granom Nest loot pools now grant double the rewards, doesn't apply to Draconic Fragments.
  • Diamonds now drop when clearing Granom Nest.
  • The overall boss health pools have been increased in Granom Nest.

Obtainable Items

  • The maximum Stack count of Phoenix's Ferocity has been increased. This should now prevent "Invalid Request." errors when obtaining them from Tasks missions.

NPC Shops

  • The exchange cost for obtaining Engravings from the RDN HC Shop at Rajuul has been increased.


  • English localisation updates.
  • More client asset preloading.
  • All player skill data has been reset.
  • The server should now follow the UTC time zone. DST also will no longer apply.
  • The DPS Meter is now available when inside the Training Ground.

Please note that the Training Ogre is not a reliable test of actual DPS. Instead, its intention is to see if you're performing an optimal class rotation, as DPS is directly influenced by skill rotations and buff uptime. Do not expect the same DPS output in actual content.

Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:

Lunar Knight

Skill Name Adjustment
Lunar Release This is a brand new Custom skill which was added.
Halfmoon Slash EX The skill damage has been increased.
Cyclone Slash EX The skill damage has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Marionette EX The skill debuff duration has been extended.


Skill Name Adjustment
Aerial Stunt This is a brand new Active skill which was added.
Rapid Shot (EX) The arrow projectiles now shoot at once with no delay.
Swift Shot (EX) The skill has been removed and replaced with Swift Storm.
Swift Storm (EX) This is a brand new Active skill which was added.

Guided Missiles (EX)
No longer locks onto target.
Can be used mid-air.
Now requires 30 Bubbles for Fatal variant.
Skill effects has been changed.
Scope Arrow EX An Extension Core is no longer generated on impact.
The skill now splits before exploding.

We've added the Artillery Remake which was released on the Korean servers on 03/19/2021.


Skill Name Adjustment
Drill Shot This skill is now unlocked in the skill tree. It's a brand new Custom skill
Rain of Arrows EX This skill has been reworked, check it out in-game!
Siege Stance EX The RMB Input action and effects have been changed.


Skill Name Adjustment
Immortality The skill cooldown has been increased from 85s to 120s.


Skill Name Adjustment
Static Discharge This is a brand new Custom skill which was added.

Abyss Walker

Skill Name Adjustment
Chaos Strike You are now invulnerable while using the skill.


Skill Name Adjustment
Parry Skill The parrying window has been slightly increased.
The Counter hitbox size has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
L-Buster (Intense Shock) The skill damage has been reduced.


Skill Name Adjustment

Carnival Rush EX
You are now invulnerable while using the skill.
The startup has been adjusted.
Casting time is slightly faster now.

Bleed Phantom

Skill Name Adjustment
Soul Breaker
Phantom Drive
Pass Away

The skill damage has been reduced.
Festival of Blood The skill damage has been increased.


Skill Name Adjustment
Rolling Thunder The skill cooldown has been removed.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed an issue wherein the Cooldown Reset effect on Vena Plaga's [Shadow Thrust] skill was not applying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Cooldown Reset effect on Bleed Phantom's [Intense Suffering] skill was not applying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Cooldown Reset effect on Windwalker's [Air Sense] skill was not applying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Launcher's [Set Position] skill permanently splitting your damage, once activated.
  • Fixed several skill oversights with the Launcher class. Damage should be more consistent now.