Another small patch this time around. We're wrapping up 90 cap so expect it to drop sometime next month!

We will make a separate post alongside an announcement regarding the Road to 90 server events and their respective schedules when we're done preparing them.

For now, we'll start off the series of events with another Attendance Event, this time featuring a significant boost in rewards!

General Stuff

I.C Shop

  • We've reorganized the I.C Shop, now featuring several new dedicated tabs such as Gacha, Mounts, etc. Mount preview also works now instead of nothing happening upon mouse interaction.

Marine 2.0 Costumes

  • The newly released Marine 2.0 costumes on official servers have also arrived here in InfinityNest! Priced at the usual points, grab yours today in either individual pieces, or an entire package with all pieces and save 15%!

Community Boxes

  • Light Weapon Coupons are now available as a drop from the Community Boxes, redeem them at Pania!

Infinity Boxes

  • Permanently added the (Divine Grade) Starwalker Night Cat spirit as an obtainable item.

Obtainable Items

  • All existing Divine grade Spirits had their stats boosted in preparation for the upcoming 90 cap.

Summer Boxes

The long awaited Summer boxes are now available to purchase in the I.C Shop. Players can no longer obtain the previous Spring boxes, however if they still have them in their inventory, they can still be opened.

This season we're featuring two L-Grade wings, four Divine-Grade spirits, and a special summer themed Aqua Necklace which is the jackpot item.
Equipping this necklace will transform your chat style into something entirely unique.

As usual, all cosmetics are exclusive to our Summer Box, so grab them before they're gone next season!

Here are some previews of the new additions:

Marine 2.0 Costume Set
Another perspective (Vandar not pictured here)
Chat border effect for the new Aqua Necklace
Starwalker Night Cat Spirit

Attendance Event

As mentioned previously, we're having another Attendance Event, this time with significantly more reward counts.

Simply log in each day, and you'll receive freebies in your Special Storage.

Unlike the official servers, if you miss a day, your login streak will not reset to the first day. Our system is cumulative and will add a new tally for each sign in.

Infinity Stamps can be traded at [Irine - General Events Exchange Shop] for L-Grade wings of your choice, or Picture Titles.

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as follows:


[Aura of Healing]

  • The amount of HP restored has decreased from 25% -> 10%.



  • The cooldown has decreased from 30s -> 20s.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed:

  • An issue with Phoenix boss wherein using his rotating flame breath caused him to disappear from the map entire. The mechanic in question has been disabled.
  • Several other backend stuff have been resolved.
  • [PVP Only] Maelstrom Howl is now usable in PVP as the bubble requirement is removed.

Known Issues

We're aware of the following issues:

  • The rarity of the Starwalker Night Cat Spirit is Epic instead of Divine, however the stats are correct.