This maintenance marks the start of our first Weekly maintenance.

We will be taking the servers offline every weekend for routine maintenance and possibly a game update.

This should freshen up things on the server as we'll be maintaining things more frequently. Naturally, if necessary, maintenance schedules will also be made outside of this weekly schedule.

Year of the Dragon

Artbook Event

It's a simple Artbook event for the Lunar New Year! Stay logged in on a character and receive "Blue Draon's Energy" item. Collect enough of these and donate them to the Artbook event.

Blue Dragon's Energy item preview

When each stage is completed, you will slowly reveal the full image of the artwork.

If all stages are completed, the Artbook event is concluded for the character and you'll be able to permanently add it to your character's Collection page, and be able to view it at any time in the future!

Artbook Event board, will slowly reveal the image as you clear the stages.
You will be able to obtain the event currency by staying logged in and receiving the Timed Login reward mail.
Item quantity is always x1 for the preview, it's just a visual thing.
Level Reward
Level 1 x5 Jade Support Box + x5 Talisman Support Box
Level 2 x2 Love of Friend + x1 Blue Hatchling Spirit
Level 3 x4 Love of Friend
Level 4 x4 Love of Friend + Title: Blue Dragon ♡
Level 5 x5 Infinity Box + x1 FDN Armour Shard Selection Box
Title preview
Blue Hatchling Spirit preview

Lunar New Year Rebate Event

+40% Bonus

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, we will be having a special rebate of +40% bonus I.C for every purchase for a limited time!
Purchasing I.C can be done by clicking this link:

Event Period

Active right now, running until February 21st, 2024 at 00:00 (UTC)


40% Bonus IC on all I.C purchases via our website.

Pania Rotations

Pania rotations have returned, you can possibly obtain the following coupons via opening Infinity Deluxe Boxes up until the March update:

February Rotations

Item Name
Frozen Darkness
Lucid Hero
Infinite Light
Hero's Glorious Trumpet

Double Reset Event

For a limited time, all nests/raid entry counts and weekly item drop limits will reset twice per week, instead of at the usual Saturday at 09:00.

Take this opportunity to rack up double loot and gear your (alt) character faster!

Event Period

Additional resets will occur on Feb. 14, Feb. 21, and Feb. 28, all at 09:00 respectively.

NPC shop limits on item purchases are not affected by the reset event. All other weekly restrictions excluding instance entry and loot limits still apply.


NPC Shop: Diana

  • FDN Armour Shard Selection Box is now limited to X/char/week instead of X/account/week. This could encourage players to return to farming Diana dungeons.


  • Client localisation update and fixes.
  • Gave Irine a cheongsam attire in light of chinese new year.
  • Removed snow and christmas props from all towns.
  • Restored day/night mode for Milla Laurel.

Winter Jackpot Shop

We've expanded our offerings for the shop with the following:

  • Margaret Flower WTD set has been added to the shop.
  • Aqua Shiny Jewel accessories has been added to the shop.
(2023) Eternal Snowflake is obtainable until our Spring Update, make sure to grab the items that you want before it's too late!

Here's a preview of the Margaret Flower Wings:

As for a preview of the Accessory Necklace chat border:

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as following:

Lunar Knight

[Crescent Slash]

  • Reverted Crescent Slash to the original animation of Lunar Knight due to feedback.

Resolved Issues

The following issues has been resolved:


Class: Inquisitor

  • An issue wherein the CM1 description was incorrect.