Test Attendance Event

We're re-enabling the Attendance Event to see how and where it gets stuck for some players. We were unable to reproduce the issue on our test server.
It currently rewards additional Blue Dragon's Energy items.

Resets should take place every day at 09:00 Server Time.

If we don't receive any error reports via Discord, we'll assume the problem is resolved and will create monthly attendance events.


  • Monsters level 80 and below no longer scale to your current player level (or the highest party member's level in a party). This resolves the issue where players who use the instant lv.90 jump potion are unable to kill any monsters unless they have the Newbie Ring equipped.
  • Greatly increased the health pool of the Golem in BTG.

Obtainable Items

  • Epic grade Talismans can now be placed in the Server Storage.
  • February Pania Coupons can now be placed in the Server Storage.
  • The Blue Hatchling Spirit obtained via our Year of the Dragon Artbook event can now be grown at Trisha in Milla Laurel/Saint Haven.
  • The inherent stats of Innocent Iona & Head Maid Weepy spirits are now consistent with other Legend grade spirits.


  • Client localisation update and fixes.
  • Updated some outdated NPC talk dialogue with Pania and Class Specialist.
  • Mission Rewards (L key) no longer gives Essence of Life (legacy item), now it gives Infinity Boxes as a placeholder while we think of new rewards.

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as following:


[Crash Mode]

  • Instead of granting a HP buff, it now grants 5% ATK to the party.
This change was made to reduce the amount of HP gain from Destroyer. Now only the aura will increase the party HP by 10%.

[Flying Swing EX]

  • Cooldown reduced from 10 sec → 8 sec.

[Assault Crash]

  • Cooldown reduced from 22 sec → 18 sec.

[Class Mastery]

  • ATK increase from 5% → 10%.

[Thrill of Battle]

  • Removed the 5% ATK buff effect.


[Icy Shards EX]

  • Removed the camera lock and skill endlag.
  • Skill animation has been shortened.
  • Hitbox size increased.
  • [Resonance] debuff potency has increased from 5% → 20%.
  • [Resonance] duration has increased from 20 sec → 30 sec.

[(Awakened) Shatter]

  • Skill motion speed has increased by 50%.

[Glacial Field]

  • Cooldown reduced from 40 sec → 30 sec.

[Ice Sphere]

  • No longer applies the [Resonance] debuff.

[Chilling Mist EX]

  • No longer applies the [Resonance] debuff.
  • Skill animation has been shortened.
  • Removed the camera lock and skill endlag.
  • Cooldown reduced from 22 sec → 18 sec.

[Freezing Field EX]

  • Removed the camera lock and skill endlag.

[Glacial Wave]

  • The skill animation has been changed.
  • General damage increase.

[Ice Barrier]

  • Barrier HP has been reduced from 15% → 10%.
  • Ice ATK buff has been reduced from 30% → 15%.

[Ice Cyclone]

  • Now reduces the cooldown of [Glacial Field] and [Blizzard Storm] by 1 second for the initial hit.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:

Obtainable Items

  • An issue wherein Cold Glacier weapons could not be equipped over a Vandar's Broadsword.

Game Audio

  • An issue wherein the Christmas theme was still playing while in Saint Haven.