This update features the highly anticipated return of our Rage of the King content, alongside class rebalances and changes to how new characters begin their journey.

The Beginner Guide will be reworked next patch, so you can ignore any bugs it may have at the moment.

With this patch, we will be resuming our Weekly maintenances as well.

Rage of The King

The King from 5.0 is coming back, and ready to crush everyone that stands in his way.

Rage of The King, the infamous 8-player boss fight from our 5.0 patch is back, with some touch ups!

Do you have what it takes to face him?

Portal Location Milla Laurel -> (Party) Garden of Eternity -> Raids > Rage of The King
Difficulty Labyrinth 16
Party Size 6-8 Players
Combat Readiness Requirement 340+
Revivals None
Clears/Week 2/Week
This is our last content release with "Trinity" mechanics. A tank and healer is mandatory.


Upon defeating the formidable King Elchulus, each player will be granted 4x Reinforced Claw of a God as the main loot.

Players will need the claw to craft the new Legend-Grade Crests.

Preview of Reinforced Claw of a God item

Legend Grade Crest

We are introducing a new rarity of Crest; The Legend-Grade Crests in this patch. It's a significant upgrade from the previous Unique-Grade Crests.

Players can obtain the new crest by crafting L Grade Crest Selection Box it in Blacksmith.

Preview of Rage of The King crafting table

Perfect Legend Grade Crest

Players can also disassemble the Legend-Grade Crests in the Disassembler located near Blacksmith Folin to obtain Champion's Insignia.

Preview of disassembling normal Legend-Grade Crest and the Champion's Insignia that you get from it

Champion's Insignia is used to obtain a Perfect Legend-Grade Crests. Just like the name implies, Perfect Legend-Grade Crests is the superior version of Normal Legend-Grade Crests and has the best stats possible from the crest.

Preview of Comparison between Normal (left) and Perfect (right) Legend-Grade Crest

Role Archetype Crest

We are also releasing a new role exclusive crest that you can get from L Grade Crest Selection Box. They are a unique crest that can only be used by the role of your class, much like our Legend-Grade Jades.

Preview of Healer (left), DPS (middle) and Tank (right) exclusive crest
L Grade Selection Box will only have 1 Role Archetype Crest. You have to be on the character that have the same role to get the desired crest.

e.g., You have to be on Guardian to obtain Stalwart Crest
Perfect variant of the Role Archetype Crest does not exist.

I.C Rebate Event

+50% Bonus

To celebrate the return of the king, we will be having a special rebate of +50% bonus I.C for every purchase for a limited time!
Purchasing I.C can be done by clicking this link:

Event Period

Active right now, running until April 27th, 2024 at 00:00 (UTC)


50% Bonus IC on all I.C purchases via our website.

Spring Season

Spring Gacha

It's April, it's Spring! InfinityNest has a special Spring Seasonal Shop with special and limited items, grab em while it lasts!

Preview of Spring Gacha Box with its Jackpot Item

General Stock

As per usual, our General Shop Category in Spring Shop will have:

  • 1 set of limited Wings, Tail and Decal
  • 1 set of limited Accessories
  • 1 limited mount

The Spring Shop will be expanded in the last half of the season.

Preview of the General Stock Category, Limited Mount, Limited Wings/Tail and Limited Accessories Chat Box


In our Spring Shop, there are also custom titles with the same Stats that Black Blade Breaker title from Vaseraga gives!

We have 2 sets of themes, each set consists of 5 titles. They are :

Spring-Themed Title

Preview of Spring-Themed Title

Kaomoji Title

Preview of Kaomoji Title

Pania Weapon : Floral Whisper

We are releasing a Spring-Themed, Recoloured version of Pure Dream Light Pania Weapons in this patch!

This Pania Set is exclusive to seasonal event and will not be sold in the Pania Weapon Coupon Shops! If you like how it looks, try your luck by buying Spring Boxes today.


Playable Content

  • Captain's Final Stand has been removed from the Garden of Eternity.
  • Weekly co-op missions has been updated to support Granom Nest and FDN. ROTK support will arrive in a future update.


  • Newly made characters will skip the Tutorial by default.
  • Newly made characters will now start directly in Milla Laurel instead of their respective starter town.
  • Hero Skill acquisition has been simplified. The fallback method of Quest Line will stay in case of potential issues.
Level 15 Hero Level has been disabled as a requirement. Upon clearing Vaseraga, players will now automatically obtain the Hero Skill without having to do the Quest Line.


  • 200,000 Gold Voucher has been added to General Merchant.
  • 100,000 Gold Voucher maximum stack count has been increased from 50 > 250.
  • Sheer Gust Dragon Mount has been re-added to Mount NPC.
  • Saint Haven has been reverted to how it looks now in Official.
  • Added a bunch of Butterfly NPCs around Saint Haven to make it easier for players outside of Milla Laurel to return back to the hub.
  • Descriptions of NPC Icons when you hover over it on the map has been improved to show accurate functionality instead of just something like [Merchant].
  • New Butterfly Town Warp NPC has been added to Milla Laurel.
  • Newbie Helper NPC has been added to Milla Laurel, we highly advise for new players to check the NPC out!
  • Various NPCs have been relocated in Milla Laurel.

Newbie Helper NPC

She's here to help you start (or resume) your journey on Infinity Nest! New players begin in Milla Laurel right in front of the NPC, so you can't miss her.

By speaking with her you'll be able to decide whether you want to skip to level 90 or stay your current level, as well as opting in or out of the Main Quest.

With her addition, all Level 90 Skip Pots have been removed from storefronts and packages. If you wish to skip to 90, you must speak to her.

Preview of Newbie Helper NPC, located in the middle-west of Milla Laurel


  • Client localisation update and fixes.
  • Performance optimisation on the DirectX 11 engine.
If you happen to come across any items/storefronts you're not supposed to access, please let us know on Discord.

Pania Rotations

Pania rotations have been changed, you can possibly obtain the following coupons via opening Infinity Deluxe Boxes or Infinity Boxes up until the May update:

Item Name
Abyss Purple
Infinite Light

(PVE) Class Adjustments

The following class skills have been adjusted as following:


[Axe Blade]

  • The skill will now reduce the cooldown of Spirit Boost by 5s.

Wind Walker

[Awakened Passive Show Time]

  • Current creation speeds has been increased from 4 > 6. Making it recover 10 per second.

[Spirit Phantasm]

  • The skill will now reduce the cooldown of Spirit Boost by 5s.

[Circle Shot]

  • Internal MotionSpeed has been increased by 20%.
  • CameraLock while casting the skill has been removed.


[Thor's Hammer]

  • The skill is now no longer an iframe.


[Awakened Passive Thor's Hammer]

  • Skill iframe has been reduced from full to only at the initial animation.

[Electric Smite EX]

  • CameraLock while casting the skill has been removed.



  • Skill damage has been reduced.

[Battle Order]

  • Critical Rate buff has been reduced from 15% > 10%.
  • Critical Damage buff has been reduced from 25% > 15%.


[Split Fire]

  • Skill damage has been increased.

[Clutch Field]

  • Skill damage has been increased.

[Awakened Shoot The Moon]

  • Skill damage has been increased.

[Trick Trip]

  • Skill damage has been increased.



  • Hero Skill Point gain has been reduced from 25% > 12.5%.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:

Playable Content

  • An issue with pet not being visible when the player enter Death's God Domain.


  • An issue wherein players are unable to equip the Nine Tail Laser crest.


  • An issue with Sheer Gust Dragon ticket not showing its proper name.